AI enabled User Interface for Data Science [UIDS]

What is data science ?

Data science is an inter-disciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from many structural and unstructured data.Data science is said to data processing , machine learning and large data.

Data science may be a “concept to unify statistics, data analysis and their related methods” so as to “understand and analyze actual phenomena” with data. It uses techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the context of mathematics, statistics, computing , domain knowledge and knowledge science .

The Thought

The fundamental goal of knowledge science is to assist companies make quicker and better decisions, which may take them to the highest of their market .

For doing so big MNC’s hire many data scientist paying them hundred thousand of dollars but the new startups and little firms cannot bear paying these data scientists , hence I came up with this concept to make an interface for Data Science which could interpret from he given data using AI .

The aim is to make a software which could help in working with strategy, deciding , identify the issues that are most vital to the organization and its success, and implementation of study by extracting meaning from and interpreting the given data

Thus, during a nutshell UIDS is all about constructing useful information using the AI platform, thereby, converting it into data-driven products!

Market Demand

The market demand for UIDS are going to be huge once it comes into existence as currently nothing significant to UIDS is out there so people don’t know that they will really do something like this without paying a hefty amount to rent a knowledge scientist .

Hence UIDS are going to be a game changer within the data science industry which is worth over a trillion dollar today.

The market demand for UIDS will grow from day 1 of its existence because it isn’t just an another idea but it’s a revolutionary idea which can change the attitude of individuals regarding interface and AI .

Relevant Product within the Market

Virtually, few websites are there within the market which could help the user to urge insight regarding the viewers of their websites but they don’t do the info interpretation , so there are not any virtual competitors of UIDS .

Data scientists are often considered non virtual competitors of UIDS, aside from them there’s no relevant product available within the market currently.

hence we will consider that UIDS are going to be a possible game changer within the data science industry.

Target Customers

In the beginning the beneficiaries of UIDS are going to be :

Start ups who want to understand whether their idea are going to be a hit and for identifying the issues ahead.

Small businesses for working with strategies and deciding .

Local handicraft entrepreneur eager to expand his horizon and become known worldwide can use UIDS to make a technique and identify problems crucial for the success of the organization .

Specialists from different fields who wants to launch their own idea .

and the list goes on and on…….

Required Knowledge

First of all we’d like to understand what’s AI based interface , well basically it’s interface with simulated cognitive functions that facilitate the interaction between humans and machines and within AI-enabled UI, the AI has the power to know user’s commands and present the user the simplest possible predictions supported all the available data it’s .
Benefits of AI-UI

For designers and developers, AI based solution would save critical time early a project by rapid prototyping, boost iteration cycles, and eventually enable the event of higher apps.
they’re going to save on all the trivial, repetitive and redundant tasks.
It also will allow designers and developers to specialise in what matters the foremost that’s to bring value to the end-users.
The entry barrier to create apps will become really low. Learning to use a UI design tool takes time, learning to code takes even longer . However everyone can draw UI on paper. this may allow your grandma to travel from a thought to a working UI running on her phone during a matter of seconds.

Current and Future state

As of now only few AI based UI development products (e.g. Uizard) are becoming developed and not yet reached maturity to exchange the human UI developers. But still they’re good as an assistant for any UI developers. In coming years, we may even see new approaches and improved AI products, where this assistant will take over the role of the experienced UI developer. It’s time for UI developers to seem at the changing trends and obtain ready for Reskilling.

Still many folks might imagine generating UI code from the creative designers drawings is OK, but AI itself cannot come up with it’s own creative UI designs. We still need artists, creative designers, Right? Maybe wrong! AI has Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) and artistic Adversarial Networks (CAN) have proven to get art and sometimes better than humans. we’ll discuss this in another article.

The programing language required for developing it are :

Python : it’s widely used for AI , with packages for several applications including General AI, Machine Learning, tongue Processing and Neural Networks.

it’s vital for software development and it’s tons of library packages for UI.

Flask and Django packages for web server app.

Required Expertise :

For developing this software tons of skilled people would be required like:

Software developers

AI developer

Machine Learning skills

UI programmer

Data Scientists

Web developers

How does UIDS work ?

The working of UIDS are going to be sort of a data scientist only but it’ll be wiped out a really short span of your time and more effectively.

In UIDS the info are going to be interpreted by an equivalent algorithm as done by the info scientist nowadays but using AI and it’ll be processing it keeping in mind the present scenario and business policies and it’ll provides a feasible solution in no time , data scientists do require tons of days to try to to an equivalent in today’s world. The AI are going to be programmed during a way that it also give recommendations for the advantage of the corporation.

Estimated Budget

Since this project requires tons of algorithm and experts from different fields so, tons of cash has got to be invested during this project to become a hit .

An estimate budget of around 2 million dollars would be spend on creating something like UIDS because it requires tons of your time to work out a feasible algorithm and implement it using AI and ML .

The budget would be spend on paying experts from different fields like AI developer , Data scientist et al. as they charge tons and this project will take tons of your time in development.

Rest of the budget would be spent on office space and hardware and marketing.

Product Pricing

UIDS are often priced at $4,000 to $10000 per month depending upon the usage and maintenance of the corporation.

We cannot put UIDS price to be very low as even after creating it tons of maintenance and back support need to be provided from our end, which can cost tons .

Different features need to be provided in several price range for respective customer.

Marketing plan

I would wish to use social media platforms like facebook , instagram , youtube etc to market UIDS through alittle ad og 20 to 30 seconds.

The other possible ways would be through google adsense and business magazines .

We can also promote us through sponsoring business influencers .

In the beginning the beneficiaries of UIDS are going to be Start ups ,Small businesses , Local handicraft entrepreneur ,Specialists from different fields who wants to launch their own idea, small political parties eager to examine their agendas, social media influencer personalities willing to determine their ideas and lots of others.

in the end of the day we we might expand our services to governments , public sector organizations and MNC’s across the world .

Risk Analysis

The only risk that i can see before me is getting an investor with 2 million dollars and success of the algorithm and implementing it successfully.

Milestone and Timeline

After getting an investor , i want to assemble a team of experts and begin performing on the algorithm.

Typically the it could take 8 to 12 months to urge the right algorithm but on the safe side allow us to take 14 months.

after getting the algorithm we’d like to implement it which could take a month approximately .

And finally we’d like to try to to the testing and correction to the software if any which may also take up 2 to three months .

hence we will assume that it’ll take around 2 years to urge UIDS working and revolutionizing the planet .